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Hi Kimba

Well, you were a total hit!!! Kids are still talking about you, and the Head has already asked me to put you on notice or next year's event. He was really impressed, but reckons he's got to up his sartorial game for next year ’

– Sally Perkins, Head Librarian, Beauchamps High School – Essex, UK



Hi Kimba

You were amazing on Friday and the impact on the children was huge! 

– Chris Flathers, Principal/Head Teacher, Old Star Federation, The Orion Primary School and Goldbeaters Primary School, London UK

Write the wrongs by Hip Hop artist and poet Kimba is a journey through and declaration of how creativity with words can empower every individual. 


Each piece explores the wonders of rhythm and rhyme with a Hip Hop influence in a way that stirs the imagination to embrace every moment of life as an opportunity to capture inspiration. 


Drawing from his American childhood Kimba shares experiencs and ideas that cause joy, laughter, reflection and outright fun. Many of the poems have already captivated classrooms and ignited the creativity of readers across the globe. 

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+ US Shipping of £5.85
+ Africa | Asia | Canada | S. America Shipping - £5.70
+ European Shipping - £4.25
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