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Using spoken word, poetry and rap as a tool to build confidence, inspire and create social change, the The Flow Academy tackles modern day issues at their heart.


Addressing topics ranging from mental health, bullying to black history, recycling and the environment, The Flow-Academy brings a fresh approach to capture the attention of young people, local communities, those in leadership and social media audiences world-wide. 


Kimba raises awareness and builds confidence using one of the UK’s most popular art forms to inspire people to care about their surroundings, embrace who they are, set goals and to empower positivity…


Working in partnership with university's, schools, charities and youth organisations he seeks to inspire the next generation.





Kimba offers a 3 tier programme to best suit your organisations needs


1hr visit (Best suited to school assemblies or an audience of 35+ people)


To include the following:

Performance of 2 hip hop songs

Spoken word piece 

Free-style session (where the audience suggests words (from a range of topics)

Short motivational talk


2 x 1hr creative writing, poetry sessions (Best suited to 2 x small groups of 5–32) or 1x 2hr session


To include the following:

Freestyle and perform pieces of poetry

An opportunity for participants to write their own piece of poetry through an enthusiastic and exciting process. 

A performance or a voluntary sharing of participants work


1 x Assembly or showcase (see bronze package), 3 x 1hr creative writing, poetry sessions (See Silver package) or, 2 x 1.5hrs extended sessions

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